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Wal Mart - Brazil Government Relations
Educarede - Telefonica - Trainning Video Program
Products Presentation - HP Photosmart
Pharmacovigilancy - Trainning Program
Ticket - ACCOR Services
Presentation for Changing Visual Identity
C&A - Brand and Themes
WAL MART - Presentation for the President of Brazil
Misc Works


Client: WAL MART
Job: Multimedia Presentation - Brazil Government Relations

Preparation of a multimedia presentation, in English, developed to show the improvement of Wal Mart Brazil government relations department to a group of American analists. Interactive features in a user friendly interface.
The manager who showed this work was promoted after the presentation.




Job: Educarede - Trainning Video Program

DVD Video trainning program created to teach the internet history, as well as its uses and advantages, in a fun and enjoyable way. It also shows a project created by Telefonica Foundation to teach internet to poor people.




Client: HP - Hewlett-Packard Brasil
Job: Products Presentation - HP Photosmart

Presentation video for HP Photosmart Line, which was used in a stand in a special event at Iguatemi Shopping, one of the most important shopping malls in Brazil. This video was made in vertical screen aspect.






Job: Pharmacovigilancy - Trainning Program

Video trainning program with simulations. It uses a virtual character to interact with a live action actor in a CGI background.





Clients: Ticket - ACCOR Services

Presentation to potential investors created for Ticket company. Developed in French to be presented in India by Firmin Antonio, president of ACCOR Group. Space background theme, in CGI 3D and 3D animated graphics.





Client: Barateiro Supermarkets - PÃO DE AÇÚCAR GROUP
Job: Presentation of Visual Identity Changing

Presentation to be used by Abilio dos Santos Diniz, chairman and former owner of the Brazilian retail chain "Companhia Brasileira de Distribuiçao" (Pão de Açúcar Group) to show his investors the visual identity changes of one of his brands, called Barateiro. Forbes ranked Diniz as the 605th wealthiest person in the world in 2006, with a net worth of USD 2.0 billion.




Client: C&A
Job: Brand and Themes

Interactive presentations on the fashion trends for the C&A brands. Manual or automatic user navigation.




Client: WAL MART
Job: Presentation for the President of Brazil

Powerpoint presentation which was showed by the president of Wal Mart Brazil, Héctor Núñez, to the president of Brazil, Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva. That presentation was about a social investment made by Wal Mart in education and ecology.




Job: Misc Works

Some multimedia works made for different clients.



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