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Original Supply HP
Rimonabant - Trainning
DNA Simulator
Surreal Educational Game
Interactive Trainnings
Educational CD-Roms
Misc Works


Client: HP - Hewlett-Packard Brasil
Job: Multimedia CD-ROM - Original Cartridge Supply HP

Multimedia interactive CD-Rom for HP - Hewlett-Packard,
with documents, video and text, developed to show the advantages of using original cartridge supply.




Job: RIMONABANT - Trainning Program

Trainning program with several media and courses. Interactive CD-Rom about the medicine, with technical details and many diferent games to facilitate memorization and comprehension of the subject, as real time interactive simulations, quiz, interactives dialogues, non linear interactive video and more.
Award in France in Sanofi-Aventis Trainning Fair




Client: Roboarte - Sabina - Knowledge Park School
Job: DNA Simulator

DNA Simulator to young children in the Knowlodge Park School, Brazil.
The presentation show animations with the concepts of protein, aminoacids, DNA and RNA.
In the interactive section, the user creates the DNA Chain, assembles new proteins, showing diferents results and making mutations.





Client: SURREALIDADE - Expressions of the Unconscious
Job: Interactive Educational Game

Edutainment game about Surrealism. Culture, art, entertainment and knowledge in an Unconsciousness world. This game shows the concept of education and remote trainning using the adventure style and imersion in a computer graphic interactive world.
Published in 2002 by a Brazilian magazine called "Revista do CD-Rom".
For the release in Portuguese, click here.





NOVARTIS Pharma, Merck Sharp & Dohme, Farmasa
Job: Interactive Trainnings

Trainning programs for many pharmaceutical companies. Didatical interface shows the action mechanism of medicament, simulations, interactive activities, quiz and animations.





Client: Moderna / Santillana Publisher
Job: Educational CD-Roms

CD-Rom enclosed in many school books, like geography and Spanish studies. Grammar tests, documents and practice, with animations and sound.




Job: Misc Works

Some multimedia works made for different clients.



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